Year 2,092 . John is a young scientist. He is part of a crew on board of a spacecraft. Their mission is to find a habitable planet in the galaxy, since earth has ceased to produce oxygen, due to the decrease of tropical phytoplankton in the water's surface, as a consequence of global warming. John lies asleep in his hibernation capsule, on the way to the fourth sector, with the promise of a planet with similar characteristics to Earth. In the dream, he experiences a representation of his search. Desires and fears built an illusion that reflects the value of nature to man, its beauty and dependency. As well as the self- destructive attitude of the human being, so ignorant and selfish. The dream takes place in a jungle environment, full of life. The Nature is personified by a beautiful woman, half naked. Her image is as a nymph, a goddess of the jungle. She carries the fluid that contains the source of life, its essence. Juan chases her through the forest enchanted by her attractiveness and beauty. But when he discovers that she carries with her the secret of life, falls prisoner of fear and despair and try to snatch it. What John ignores is that this act means the irretrievable breakdown of the balance of nature, with the consequent death of both.

Federico Jacobo
Science Fiction